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Well Its time to create some music... The Recording process is the first step in creating your next album, EP or single. I will start off with a general consolation, Pre Production as its called, during this meeting we will go over expectations, creative direction, time framing, which studio we will record, the amount of time we will book in the studio and go over the budget

During the recording sessions, my team and I will take care of everything on our end so that the only thing you have to think about is making music. Everything from microphone placement, recording schedules, and booking musicians (only the best). It might take a couple hours of patient repetition to capture the right feel or it might click in the first take. Either way, the session will keep rolling until we have captured the perfect moment. The goal is to achieve a near perfect product during tracking so that we never have to “fixing it in the mix.”  

Now the next step of creating your next album, EP or single is Mixing. If you went through the recording Process with me you are one step ahead! 

If you recorded with someone else ,or are remote, we will organize a creative meeting/call together with you, the client, and Myself and my team. During this meeting we will go over expectations, creative direction, time framing, file transfer as well as budget.

If the Recording Process captures the moment, the Mixing Process brings it back to life. Mixing's purpose is to bring everything together into one cohesive unit called a "Song". This is where engineers add spacial elements to your song(s), create different scenes within the song to keep the listener interested, as well as add a sound effect here or there. I like to keep the artist involved in all aspects of the mixing process so that YOU are the first and the last person to approve the direction.

Mastering, is the process where you bring a well mixed song to the masses. A song that is professionally mastered will sound the same on all platforms. Everything from iPods to iHomes, Car radio to a football stadium. 

The mastering engineer pays attention to sonic qualities of the song by boosting or attenuating frequencies, compression, reverse compression, and stereo width.

I work with some of the best mastering engineers in the business to bring you the best quality for your money.

This is the time.. A time for you to shine..

Live sound engineers and people in production do everything in there power to make sure that the artist has every tool in there belt to perform the best show possible.

I work with several live sound production companies of various different sizes and costs. I have experiences varying from arena shows to a small rural wedding. The venue doesn't matter, if the production is there and the performance is there its bound to be a great show. Every show should be

"The Best Show Ever!"

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Building a home studio is hard. Recording yourself is hard. How awesome would it be if someone set it up for you!

Thats what I do with my audio consulting.

I build home studios, assist people with recording themselves. And help people make money!

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